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Village Opticians

Ocean County’s Premier Optician

Welcome to Village Opticians, your Ocean County, NJ source for eyeglasses, contacts and eye exams. The quality of your vision depends on the quality of your lenses, and we will provide you and your family with personalized professional service that is competitively priced, using the highest quality lenses and frames available. We also offer house calls to patients that are unable to visit our office in person.

Village Opticians has been owned and operated by Joel Wolf since 1990. Our optical studio will fit all eyeglass prescriptions and can duplicate your current prescription. We have on-site optometrists and ophthalmologists that perform eye exams to provide you with a current prescription. Village Opticians has a full, on-site lab.  There is no appointment required to duplicate a prescription or have an eyeglass repair done. Village Opticians will meet all of your eyeglasses, sunglasses and contacts needs.

More on our Lenses:


transition Lenses

Perfect lighting whenever you wear your lenses. Transition lenses adapt to your environment to give you enhanced vision wherever you go. The lenses are clear while inside and at night, and transition to a darker shade when outside, providing your eyes with UV protection, glare reduction and comfort.


Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses will help improve your eyesight for near and far-away objects. These lenses have taken the place of bifocal lenses for many of our patients. Progressive lenses are perfect for age-related vision changes and help correct Presbyopia.  


anti-reflective Lenses

Glasses that are glare, scratch and smudge resistant. Anti-reflective lenses maintain the toughest scratch resistant material. Our anti-reflective lenses have diamond-hard protection to extend the life and quality of your lenses.