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Progressive Lenses

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More about Progreesive Lenses

The quality of your vision depends on the quality of your lenses.

It happens gradually. Little by little, it gets harder to read, work at the computer, or play sports. That's because over time, the focus in our eyes weakens, causing most of us to need glasses. 

When people purchase new glasses, they tend to spend most of their time choosing their frames, when it's the lenses inside their frames that provide the vision they need. It's essential to choose them just as carefully as you do your frames. 

With VARILUX lenses, every distance matters.

Only VARILUX progressive lenses are designed to restore sharper focus and smooth transitions from one field of vision to another. Wherever you look you get vision so natural, it's as if the lens and the eye are working as one. Remember, you have a choice in progressive lenses. Ask about VARILUX lenses, the brand most recommended around the world.
VARILUX progressive lenses provide:

  • Vision so natural, it's as if the lens and the eye are working as one.
  • Sharper focus.
  • Smooth transitions from one field of vision to another.

**Recommended with Crizal with Scotchgard Protector to keep your glasses free from scratches, smudges, and glare.


Progressive lenses give you “several reading power ranges” 
Near, intermediate and far vision in one lens
Aesthetically pleasing, no visual lines on face
Smooth transition between visual fields with no interruptions

Varilux technology has designed several series of progressive lenses to accommodate patients difference needs
Switching from your near, intermediate and far vision fields will be seamless and clearer resulting in a true dynamic vision
Wider peripheral vision to see more of your surroundings
Varilux Progressive Lenses have a Scratch Resistant Coating on the surface of the lens


W.A.V.E Technology enabled VARILUX engineers to move past limitations in the design process to unlock new possibilities in lenses.

One important measure of how well you see is contrast sensitivity. This is your ability to see visual detail and perceive color.  Improving contrast sensitivity will help patients:

  • Distinguish objects from their backgrounds
  • See textures and visual details
  • See visual details
  • Perceive colors in all their richness and vividness

Increase your contrast sensitivity -
Night and Day Low light situations like driving at dusk or at night make it difficult to see contrasts. Generally speaking, difficulty seeing contrasts when there is not enough light also means problems during the day.