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High Index Lenses

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More about Progreesive Lenses


Aspheric and Aortic properties make high power lenses slimmer, lighter-weight, and with superior light-focusing designs that reduce aberration, allow for better visual clarity throughout the entire lens. 

  • Aspheric lenses significantly flatten the center bulge of plus-power lenses.
  • Aortic backside curves dramatically thin lenses on minus-power lenses. 
  • Aortic also reduces the concentric ring effect of a minus lens. 
  • Reduces magnification/minification of images for both the wearer and those viewing the patient’s eyes. 
  • Slimmer lenses are less bulky, lighter weight, which are more comfortable wearing.
  • Slimmer lenses have a more attractive appearance, whether the lens edges are thinner with a minus-power lens or flatter in the center with a plus-power lens.

Not only can we make your lenses slimmer for a better profile, and lighter, so they’re more comfortable to wear, now new lens technology will give you the best vision throughout the entire lens – edge-to-edge not just in the center.


Polycarbonate Lenses offer two important features:  They are light weight, yet they are the most impact-resistant lenses available.  While able to withstand the force of a bullet, polycarbonate lenses are extremely thin and lightweight.   Doctors recommend polycarbonate lens material to be used for children and any patient who may have experienced any type of eye damage or injury to protect their good eye.  Polycarbonate Lenses are a good choice for all children, teens, those whose occupation, hobby or home activities (like mowing the lawn) fall into the “work hard, play hard” category.