Village Opticians


Village Opticians Offers Optikam Services



  • Easily compare up to four frames side-by-side on a simple touch-screen kiosk.

  • Takes accurate measurements using the most up-to-date and modern technology.

  • E-mail pictures to friends or family to get an instant second opinion.

  • Quickly bring up your pictures during a future visit.

Frame Selection

Frame Selector helps patients to select the best frames. Optikam was designed to take the most accurate measurements so that our patients get the most out of their lenses. Accurate measurements are critical to the quality of your frames, and Optikam helps Village Opticians ensure that all of our patients have the best eyesight possible. Optikam also is a way for patients to see how they look in frames instead of having to look in a mirror which can be difficult for those with limited vision.

Lens Options

The lens selector enables patients to view virtual demonstrations of different lens options like high index, transition tinted lenses, glare coating so they can see the which type of lenses suit them best.

Patient Education

Optikam provides our patients with the ability to watch short videos and demonstrations explaining proper eye care and eye anatomy.